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Community Coordinating Council
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GCCC Holiday Basket Community Spotlight


The purpose of this Council is to be a voluntary association of community organizations; to support citizens; to enable groups using different techniques to agree on mutual goals; to provide a means whereby a community can clearly define its needs and redefine its goals; to keep the public informed’ to provide a common ground on which citizen concern, professional skill, and administrative authority can meet to achieve action; to be particularly cognizant of juvenile activities; and to make our community a better place in which to live.

Helping Hand

To continue to help feed Glendorans in need through the Holiday Basket Program.


To honor citizens in the community who

give of themselves, particularly those who would not otherwise be recognized, through the Humanitarian Service Award. To honor the youth of the community who demonstrate outstanding humanitarian efforts through the presentation of a Youth Recognition Award.

Youth Programs

Camperships for Glendora Students

are given to students wanting to enjoy the many camp programs the City of Glendora offers when they can’t normally afford to go. 

Membership & History

To expand the membership so that ALL facets of the community are represented.

To maintain a historical record of the efforts of this organization and its efforts on behalf of all citizens of Glendora.


To provide a monthly program to inform members about Glendora.


To continue to send needy children of Glendora to camp through the Campership program



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PO BOX 693
Glendora, CA 91740