Glendora Community Coordinating Council History

Organized on May 6, 1932

The Glendora Community Coordinating Council was organized on May 6, 1932, primarily to consider “adjustment” problems, with some attention being given to supervised recreation needs. It seems there was little interest in the Council until November of 1936 when it was reorganized.

The group followed very closely the suggestions and procedures by the general coordinating council office. They surveyed to disclose projects needed for the area. A keen interest was evident when 65 people attended the reorganization meeting representing some 40 community organizations. At that time Wesley Smith, Dean of Citrus Junior College, was elected to serve as the first president, then referred to as chairman. The group’s stationery, however, has a 1935 formation date with the statement, “the third Community Coordinating Council in the state.”

During the early years, youth needs were their prime objective, and they continually sought recreation programs to fill the requirements of the community youngsters. Ten years after its inception they continued to plan for year-round supervised activities for the youth.

In 1957 the GCCC formed a Youth Council, headed by Sarah La Fetra (now Ludwick). Then in the early seventies, a similar project was established under the presidency of Captain Tom Little. It was called the Youth Commission, and Steve Thomas served as its first chairman. Today there are no youth groups. It was under the Youth Council in the fifties that action was taken for a community effort to raise funds for a Youth Center. Their efforts build the center that is now in Finkbiner Park.

Today one of the major annual projects of the GCCC is coordinating the November/December Holiday (food and toy) Basket Program for the entire community. Records show that as early as 1956 Glendora Community Coordinating Council synchronized the city’s holiday efforts in this fashion. In 1992 a total of 247 families received baskets and toys were delivered to 210 youngsters. A Holiday Basket Proclamation from city hall was established when Reverend Roger Richer served as the project’s chairman; it is now a tradition.

Another major project is the annual Campership Program, whereby needy youngsters are given a chance to participate in a camp experience at Glendora’s camp in big Dalton Canyon. Early documentation shows the existence of this program as far back as 1952; this is an annual project. In 1993 fifty-two youngsters received a sponsored camp experience.

During Chet Novall’s presidency in 1968-1970, he established the Camp V Committee, a project of the Federation of Coordinating Councils. The program involved working with the probation camps in nearby San Dimas to bring the youthful offenders necessities, particularly during the holidays. They also held a birthday party for them one night a month, when all the boys’ birthdays were observed. Local organizations took turns donating birthday cakes to mark the occasion. This project is no longer in existence.

A new policy was established in 1976, marking the observance of the country’s bicentennial. To honor individuals who serve as president of GCCC, a tree is planted in one of the local parks. (Note: see listing) During the 1976-78 years, with Rev. Tim Keane as president, a Youth Recognition Award was established.

When the San Gabriel Valley Hotline had financial difficulties in 1977, the GCCC sponsored them for the year, giving them the stability needed to get them on their feet and serve as a viable organization.

In 1980, when the GCCC was at low tide, there would be only 20 or so representatives at a meeting, and the organization’s dissolution was considered. After several summer meetings by concerned individuals, it was decided to continue, along with some major reorganization plans. Reverend Richard Shackell accepted the presidency and with a creative, active, and determined Board, the downward swing was reversed. From then on Glendora Community Coordinating Council has continued to be an organization that serves the community well.

In 1982 the GCCC began presenting awards to deserving individuals who served “above and beyond the call of duty” in the field of community service. Begun under the presidency of Ida Fracasse, it is called the Humanitarian Service Award. The June award was named the Gene Beckwith Memorial Award in honor of the late Gene Beckwith who had served as president in 1978-79. Charles Bolduc served the first three years as Chairman.

When Jane Braun was elected president in 1983 she introduced several new committees including a city liaison position. The bylaws were reviewed under the direction of Ruth Harper, and changes were adopted; it is a project she chaired for several years.

When it was discovered that the Articles of Incorporation were misplaced over the years, Ruth helped in the reincorporation. During Jane Braun’s presidency, a gala event marking the fiftieth anniversary of the organization was held at the Glendora Country Club in June of 1985, with Reverend Roger Richer as chairman. A souvenir program booklet was distributed which included a condensed history of the GCCC, with the complete version carried in the Glendoran magazine. Also during this period, the GCCC participated in the Los Angeles County Federation of Community Coordinating Council’s Community service awards. The first Glendora nominee to receive the award was Sgt. Tim Crowther. (Note: see complete list)

In 1985-86 attendance averaged between 55 and 80 people. The ruling Miss Glendora attended most of the meetings. The organization sponsored the Council on Aging. Don Fields urged the start of another “humanitarian effort,” which was named “Holiday Basket Plus.” As Holiday Basket was only active in November and December and Glendora Welfare only helped local residents, the Holiday Basket Plus began a year-round program to assist non-residents in case of emergencies. Due to a lack of committee participation, it only lasted a few years.

Under the leadership of Pat Rasmussen, 1987-88, the Youth Recognition Award was reestablished. Barbara Barrett served as Chairman – a position she held for three years. During the same period, the membership reached an all time high under the direction of Membership
Chairman, Joan Hallidy, with individuals and organizations totaling 108. The remaining funds from Holiday Basket Plus were transferred to the Ministerial Association for them to carry on the project. It had become too difficult to handle the workload. Upon the death of former president Tim Crowther, a special annual Youth Award was started, called the Tim Crowther Youth Award. Dick and Penny Paulus of Glendora Trophy donated a plaque to display at the Glendora Public Library. Two hundred and twenty-five baskets were delivered at Thanksgiving and 450 at Christmas.

In the early ’90s, the Board reestablished a policy manual for all board members. The Membership Directory included the bylaws, standing rules, and history and was distributed to GCCC members, thanks to Glendora Community Hospital and Foothill Presbyterian Hospital, who took turns absorbing the cost of the printing. One of the earliest membership directories was printed in 1984-85.

The average attendance during 1997-1998 was 60 people. In 1997 the Glendora Public Library agreed to compile and publish a calendar of events for local club activities, (formerly done by the YWCA) called the “Community Clip Board” – to be distributed by the Coordinating Council. Ida Fracasse proposed that Coordinating Council develop an Open Forum, similar to the former Town Hall meetings. A committee was appointed, but no action was ever taken.

The 1998-1999 year showed the mailing address box number changed to P.O. Box 693. This same year the decision was made to have the Youth Award revolving plaque permanently housed in the new Tim Crowther Teen Center. Forty-seven camperships were funded at $70.00 each.

In 1999-2000 dues were increased from $25.00 for an organization to $35.00; for individuals from $10.00 to $15.00. In May of 2000, a “general rule” policy was adopted. In the interest of time, ONLY groups directly related to the “Humanitarian Award or Youth Award recipients can make presentations.

2001-2002 – Holiday Basket Program served 440 families for both holidays.

In December 2002, the “urgent need policy” of Holiday Baskets, allowing the Board to allocate excess Holiday Basket funds for specific urgent needs of a Glendora resident upon approval of two officers and one additional board member, the amount limited to $40.00 was reaffirmed. In 2000, sixty-six camperships were awarded, and the price remained at $70.00. As attendance continued to grow, members were reminded that political statements are prohibited.

Throughout the 80s, 90s, and continuing into 2003-2004, board meetings have been held at Huntington East Valley Hospital, Glendora Unified School District Board Room, and the First Christian Church.

2003 – Stan Deal of Davis and Deal continued to do the compilation of the GCCC financial statements, gratis, something he has done since the early 90s. Since the 1980s Glendora Continental Restaurant has hosted the meetings.

Ab Gnagy, a member during GCCC’s inception, holds the distinction of having the longest continuous membership in the organization. He served continuously for over 30 years with his late wife Margaret. Ab is also credited with maintaining the club’s history, as is Joan Hallidy. He was honored on September 10, 1984, in a surprise ceremony where he was named “Life Member Emeritus.” He depicts the true meaning and spirit of the Glendora Community Coordinating Council. In1998 the membership directory was dedicated to him.

Story and Research compiled by Ida Fracasse, assisted by Joan Hallidy.