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The Youth Recognition Award was established in 1976 under the presidency of the Rev. Tim Keane to recognize the outstanding humanitarian efforts made by the youth of our community that oftentimes go unnoticed.

The October award is named the Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award in honor of the late Lt. Tim Crowther of the Glendora Police Department, who was well-known in Glendora and the San Gabriel Valley for his community involvement and leadership. Lt. Crowther was always a youth advocate and involved with many youth activities including, but not limited to softball, basketball, soccer, and golf. He will be remembered for his compassion, and his spirit is reflected in the youth receiving the award. Lt. Crowther served as GCCC president in 1986-87.

This Year’s Recipients

2023-2024 Recipients, Jocie Wilson, Chair

September – None
October – Gwen Martinez & Kaitlyn Sulivan-Pascual
November – Adam Celek
December – Andrew Cullen 
January – Cash Lewallen
February – Caroline Ralph & Mila Jituboh
March – Jocelyn Rodriguez
April –
May –
June –

Past Youth Recipients

1987-88 Recipients
Barbara Barrett, Chair

 January – Damien Grayson
February – Polly Croissant
March – Tan El Martinez
April – John and Eileen Herron
May – Brent David Houlihan
June – Matt Linden and Craig Le Vier

1988-89 Recipients
Barbara Barrett, Chair

 November – Paul Matejzel
December – Curtis Goddard
February – Amy Goodwin
March – Charles Collins
May – Amy Edwards
June – Kim Gilfillan

1989–90 Recipients
Barbara Barrett, Chair

 November – David Damron
December – Robin Waggoner
January – Chris West
February – Krista Bass
April – Areceli Graham
May – Dave Moury
June – Doug Leumann

1990-91 Recipients
Janice Craig Hoffman, Chair

December – John Graglia
May – Jodi Jacobson
June – Kim Jackson and Gabrial McNair

1991–92 Recipients
Barbara Pisula, Chair

September – Monique Mendoza
November – Danaldi Lambright
December – Sutherland School Safety Kids
January – Eric Thornton
February – Chad Christensen
March – Jason Skadsem
April – Aimee Beauchemin
June – Gloria Lui

1992-93 Recipients
Barbara Pisula, Chair

September – Deandra Meza
December – Glendora School District’s Teen Mother Program at Whitcomb High School
January – Glenn Tourville
February – Stephen Gwin
March – Steven Bryant
April – Jennifer Strinz
May – Melissa Jones
June – Chad Jakeway

1993-94 Recipients
Christine Degrassi, Chair

September – Arynn Johnson
November – Christi Melton
December – Senior High Youth Group, Glenkirk Presbyterian Church
January – Jason Jackson
February – Leah Moscato
March – Craig Gilmore
April – Amy Anderson
May – Rainin Zubi
June – Ted Heming

1994-95 Recipients
Lorelei Pevey, Chair

 September – Catherine Davenport
November – Danielle Williams
December – Kyle Green
January – Dawn and Jamie Mizuhara
February – Amy Woodall
April – Anar Patel
May – Amber Chitty
June – Sarah Wiedmann

1995-96 Recipients
Joyce Hughes, Chair

 September – Aimee Taraporewalla
October – Maria Teresa Alvarado
November – George Wahba
December – Brooke Russell
January – Tom Lunde
February – Scott Stafford
March – Daniel Martinez
April – Jill Dayne
May – Ben Russell and Jean Paul Nicandro
June – Kim Dial and Stevi Barton

1996-97 Recipients
Pat Rasmussen, Chair

 November – Emma Graglia
December – Jennifer Damron
January – Kelly Hubbard
February – Peter Berg
March – Sarah England
April – Brooke Shaeer
May – Nicholas Pardon
June – Erin Deal

1997-98 Recipients
Pat Rasmussen, Chair

 October – Ami Gandhi – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Andrea Jackson
December – Lucretia Flores
February – Adrienne Presnell
March – Nicole Hendricks
May – Margaret Edie
June – Brooke and Mallory Norton

1998-99 Recipients
Debbie Deal, Chair

 October – Ehaab Zubie – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Natalie Dye
February – Kelly Willett
March – United Methodist Church Youth Group
April – Bryan Schmidt
May – Sohil Sud
June – Joe Quader

1999-2000 Recipients
Debbie Deal, Chair

 October – Kristin Deal – Tm Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Elizabeth Blackman
December – Matthew P. Terhune
January – Colleen P. Doherty
February – Janelle Hodson
March – Jamie Hardy
April – Marina Liddle
May – Bryan Kovar

2000-2001 Recipients
Tricia Gomer, Chair

 October – Heidi Lyman – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Alison Gomer
December – Gloria Wong
January – Pascale Gennaoui
February – Anahita Taraporewalla
March – Rebecca Nunn
April – Curtis Wideman II
May – Cassandra Petris and Laurel Beck

2001-2002 Recipients Tricia Gomer, Chair

 October – Annie Pousard – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
February – Valerie Mendoza


2002-2003 Recipients
Nancy Mannon, Chair

October – John Avalos – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
February – Amanda Schmidt
April – Behrose Taraporewalla and Christopher Pritzlaff
May – Julie Hyde and Katie Slack
June – Michelle Pasillas

2003-2004 Recipients
Nancy Mannon, Chair

October – Sarah Gomer – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
December – Brittany Watkins
January – Chantel Pevey and Candice Sakatani
March – April Bresee
May – Jennifer Becker

2004-2005 Recipients
Nancy Mannon, Chair

September – Britney Holthauser
October – Andy Ramirez – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
February – Jonathan Pritzlaff
May – Melanie Pasillas

2005-2006 Recipients
Wendy Pritzlaff, Chair

October – Amanda Clark – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Alysha Higgins
January – Michelle Cortez
February – Jessica Dalbis
May – Jay Wang and Lauren Sefton

2006-2007 Recipients
Pat Janes, Chair

October – Jordan Deal – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Eric Marshall
December – Sarah Kasai
January – Jenna Case
February – Kelly Koch
March – Nathan and Daniel Tourtellotte
May – Melissa Stella

2007-2008 Recipients
Janae Marshall, Chair

October – Kathleen Clark – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Cortney Morrill
December – Valerie Pabon
January – Megan Mar
February – Salvador Fernandez
March – Derek Andersen

2008-2009 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

November – Alexis Mendoza – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
February – Katie Russell
March – Glendora Stake LDS Youth
April-Daniel Breese
May – Cameron Segura

2009-2010 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

October – GHS Tartan Marching Band & Pageantry – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Will Reilly – Siberman
December – Brian Liu
January – Chelsea Brutto
March – Jeff Chiu
April – Layla Kouyoumdjian
May- Joshua Smith

2010-2011 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

December – Danielle Moran
January – Elizabeth Cormode
February – Robert Adams
March – Brittany Carava
April – Joseph Prunty
May-Tara Travisano
June-Johnny Welker

2011-2012 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

October – Samantha Fortier – Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November – Erin Chenelis
December – Bryan Cisneros
January – LDS Girls Cam Counselors
February – Tanner Whitworth
March – Basil Chaballout
April – Chandni Isram

2012-2013 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

Oct. – Eli Kisterman- Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
Nov. – Carson Alonzo and Julie Egan
Feb. – Anna Merkley
March – Jake Petersen
April – Olivia Andonian
May – Dalton Seale

2013-2014 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

October – Tori Wihtworth Tim Crowther Youth Recognition Award
November –Hannah Davis
December – Brianna Chew
January – Zachary Allawos

2014-2015 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

September – Emily Lopez Tim Crowther
October – Gregor Derstepanian
January – Joseph Rowley
May – Lindsay Cassel & Kami Hagemeyer
June – Mireya Moronez and Louis Vest

2015-2016 Recipients
Christy Cave, Chair

September – Lindsey Cassel
October – Tim Crowther Award, 5th Ward Young Men (Sent 14 letters out – 2 showed, Colin Ross and Cameron Benson)
November – Joseph Ferrarer
March – Dominic Allaf
April – Kevin Cave

2016-2017 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

October – Irene Miranda
November – Melissa Heredia
January – PALS (Peer Assisatnt Leadership Students)
February – Hannah Gasso
March – Kelsea Hiramoto
April – Gabriella Allaf

2017-2018 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

October – Peyton Alonso
November – Dalton White
December – George Kantarji
February – Sellers Book Bakers: Gianna Fisella, Gianna Grise, Nolie Swire, Hayley Swire,  Kaelyn Scoffinger, Audrey Carrillo, and Ellie Kern
March – Ryan Suematsu
April – Hunter Murphy

2018-2019 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

November – Mathew Doughly
December – Goddard’s Leadership Team
January – GHS PALs
February –  Jillyn Turunen
April – Kayla Sera
May – Carina Semaan
June – Janvi Babu

2019-2020 Recipients
Robin Merkley, Chair

September – JJ Gonzales
October – Monique Vobecky
November – Sean Rowley
December – Tiffany Gomez
January – Pricella Jett

2020-2021 Recipients
Robin Merkley , Chair

October –  Mihir Anand
March –  Sandburg Middle School ASB
April – Glendora High School Pep Squad Captains & Commissioners

2021-2022 Recipients
Eric Osborn , Chair

September – Boy Scouts: Abram Schwach – Eagle Scout Troop 489    Connor Milligan – Life Scout Logan Starr – Tenderfoot Scout
December –  Michael Kloster
January –  Tessa Hart
April – Ruby Delgado

2022-2023 Recipients, Eric Osborn , Chair

September – None
October – None
November – Crystal Widado (Tim Crowther Youth Award Recipient)
December – Mathias Oliveros
January – Girl Scout Troop 1894
March – Girl Scout Troop 1574: Maddie Mahaffey, Kamryn Kuo, & Madeleine Lee
April – Marilyn Malki
May – Joshua Anderson
June – Pearl Hall